In order to have a personalized experience on the web, whether to customize information, find products you want, or just search for a long-lost friend, you need to use personal information. You have an interest in protecting that information just as you would with your home security. This site has been built and launched to show you how.

OPA's privacy policy guidelines

Guidelines for effective enforcement of self-regulation

Creating Consumer Confidence Online Brochure

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The Online Privacy Alliance lead and supported self-regulatory initiatives that created an environment of trust and that foster the protection of individuals' privacy online and in electronic commerce.For businesses and webmasters wanting to comply with the ever increasing strict regulations and protocols as in Europe,Privacy Alliance recommends obtaining the advise of a credited and qualified internet marketers in your State who are upto date with local laws.

For Privacy Concerned Users.

Identity protection is one step closer towards protecting your privacy. The privacy of individuals is crucial for safety and security, for both personal and professional reasons. The best way to ensure your privacy is protected online is to familiarize yourself with basic software, choosing the right browser and anti-viral program. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the best type of computer, printer, keyboard, hard drive, mouse and any other computer devices for proficiency.

Nowadays, whether it be social or business,more and more interaction is being done online.Social networks such as Google + and Facebook have privacy issues that need to be considered and understood before joining wholeheartedly.Such issues are discussed here. Other things such as making online applications should be done warily and by reading the privacy policies of such websites.You should also research and ascertain whether the websites belong to valid and authentic businesses.

Boost Your Privacy Through Online Reputation Management

It’s likely happened to everyone with a social media profiles – someone comes across a picture or a post or simply something else you’re associated with that you would have rather they didn’t. Maybe that person is a parent, spouse or even an employer. Online reputation management is an effective way to control the information that is available about you online. Whether you want to promote your positive attributes when applying to a new job, or simple want to remove any webpages that put you in a negative light, online reputation management agencies are able maximize the positive reach of your online presence. Read more.

NSA Whistleblower Reveals The Government Is Spying On Ordinary American's Cell Phone Calls

It seems like the news is constantly full of United States citizens cautious of the government and their invasion into our everyday lives. One way in which many whistleblowers have exposed this personal intrusion is through the government’s reported monitoring of our cell phone records. Over the past few years, government agencies have been accused of keeping track of the phone calls and transmitted data of its own people through a program initially designed to be used for overseas transmissions. Read more.

Businesses with sound and credible privacy policies.

Business and non profit organisations as part of their best business practices will present you with a clear and a effective policy on how they will treat and record your visit to their website or your contact with them by other means. This is known as their privacy policy and they are accountable for it.

Some companies with examples of credible and accountable privacy policies, include

eBay Inc.
Time Warner Inc.

The Indian Express

Don't spread falsehood: Airtel on Net neutrality
Economic Times
We thought clearest way of countering myth was laying out of our four pledges on Net neutrality in public domain, making sure that everyone was aware about our position," Airtel Consumer Business Director Srinivasan Gopalan told PTI in an interview.
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OUR OPINION: Spread broadband's benefits across Minnesota
Grand Forks Herald
That's unacceptable—and in those communities, nothing would goose the economy more strongly than getting fast and reliable broadband service. Rural Minnesotans gave House Republicans the majority on the promise that the GOP would tackle exactly ...

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The FCC Should Fight for Our Right to TV White Space
“White spaces,” or unused radio frequencies in between TV channels, have long been eyed by technologists as perfect for connecting a sea of countless devices to the internet—everything from heart monitors to your car. A little-known government ...
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FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companiesReuters

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Get up, stand up for your intellectual property rights
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It will be a special occasion for us as the global theme for 2015 is 'Get Up, Stand Up For Music', which was inspired by the Bob Marley and the Wailers hit song that implored people to enforce their rights. While much attention is being given to music ...

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Our View/Broadband: Senate funding still falls short
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On Friday's Opinion page, in an editorial critical of Minnesota lawmakers and the governor's office and their lack of follow-through and support for broadening the reach of broadband, especially into rural and nonmetro Minnesota (Our View: “Follow ...
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