In order to have a personalized experience on the web, whether to customize information, find products you want, or just search for a long-lost friend, you need to use personal information. You have an interest in protecting that information just as you would with your home security. This site has been built and launched to show you how.

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The Online Privacy Alliance lead and supported self-regulatory initiatives that created an environment of trust and that foster the protection of individuals' privacy online and in electronic commerce.For businesses and webmasters wanting to comply with the ever increasing strict regulations and protocols as in Europe,Privacy Alliance recommends obtaining the advise of a credited and qualified internet marketers in your State who are upto date with local laws.

For Privacy Concerned Users.

Identity protection is one step closer towards protecting your privacy. The privacy of individuals is crucial for safety and security, for both personal and professional reasons. The best way to ensure your privacy is protected online is to familiarize yourself with basic software, choosing the right browser and anti-viral program. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the best type of computer, printer, keyboard, hard drive, mouse and any other computer devices for proficiency.

Nowadays, whether it be social or business,more and more interaction is being done online.Social networks such as Google + and Facebook have privacy issues that need to be considered and understood before joining wholeheartedly.Such issues are discussed here. Other things such as making online applications should be done warily and by reading the privacy policies of such websites.You should also research and ascertain whether the websites belong to valid and authentic businesses.

Boost Your Privacy Through Online Reputation Management

It’s likely happened to everyone with a social media profiles – someone comes across a picture or a post or simply something else you’re associated with that you would have rather they didn’t. Maybe that person is a parent, spouse or even an employer. Online reputation management is an effective way to control the information that is available about you online. Whether you want to promote your positive attributes when applying to a new job, or simple want to remove any webpages that put you in a negative light, online reputation management agencies are able maximize the positive reach of your online presence. Read more.

NSA Whistleblower Reveals The Government Is Spying On Ordinary American's Cell Phone Calls

It seems like the news is constantly full of United States citizens cautious of the government and their invasion into our everyday lives. One way in which many whistleblowers have exposed this personal intrusion is through the government’s reported monitoring of our cell phone records. Over the past few years, government agencies have been accused of keeping track of the phone calls and transmitted data of its own people through a program initially designed to be used for overseas transmissions. Read more.

How To Recover Deleted Files

Everyone, from time to time, accidently deletes an important file – there is no way around it. Sometimes, this can be the result of deleting a folder without checking its contents closely. Other times, a simple slip of the mouse can cause you to remove the wrong file from your computer. No matter how you ended up deleting your important data, the first reaction is commonly one of panic. Most frequently though, there is little reason for concern as it is often much easier than most people think to recover deleted files. Read more.

The Drum

Faster Broadband for Schools and Libraries
New York Times
Under a program known as E-Rate, the F.C.C. provides grants to schools and libraries with money that comes from an average tax of 25 cents per month on every phone line. The program has a spending cap of $2.4 billion a year, which hasn't changed much ...
FCC Chief Braces For Wave Of Lawsuits Over Net NeutralityHuffington Post
Any new US Internet rules must withstand lawsuits -FCC chiefReuters
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler warns net neutrality laws will face ISP lawsuitsThe Drum
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An FCC Commissioner's Reddit AMA Went About as Terribly as You'd Expect
We had discussions about everything from Net Neutrality to Eminem!'," Noted the top-voted comment. "However, I haven't seen one solid, thought out answer to any of the big questions here. The majority of your replies, Ms. Clyburn, seem to me to be ...
This FCC Commissioner Did A Reddit Chat. It Did Not Go Well.Huffington Post

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Why Comcast is pushing broadband data caps that nobody wants
In case you didn't know, Comcast this fall started a trial run of capped broadband plans in several markets in the south, including major markets like Atlanta, Nashville and Charleston. The lowest data caps are set at 300GB per month, which the company ...
Comcast Stretches Broadband Subscriber Lead In Q3 CMCSAInvestor's Business Daily

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Wall Street Journal (blog)

5 Things to Know About the FCC's Wireless-Spectrum Auction
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Bids in the FCC's auction of wireless spectrum have hit $34 billion, and the bidding isn't over yet. What was expected to be a sideshow to the marquee sale of licenses held by television broadcasters two years from now has suddenly–and surprisingly ...
AT&T, Verizon Communications Fall As FCC Auction Bids Reach $33 BillionBidness ETC
FCC to vote on proposed incentive auction rules in DecemberFierceWireless
Spectrum Clearing Target, Bid Reserves, Repack Logistics On FCC Meeting ...TV Technology
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FCC is taking its time with net neutrality because 'the big dogs are going to sue'
The Verge
Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler is getting blunt about why we don't have net neutrality rules yet: "The big dogs are going to sue regardless of what comes out," he said today, according to Reuters. Internet providers are pretty ...