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Credit Data Email Misinformation Clarified: FTC Issues Press Release on Misleading Email Message

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    [Posted August 14, 2001]

    The Changing Face of America: Privacy --NPR's Bob Garfield shares his thoughts on privacy issues, checking in with a variety of thinkers on the topic, and doing quite a bit of thinking on his own.
    All Things Considered
    Listen with RealAudio: 28.8 [Posted July 25, 2001]

  • Internet Privacy Rules Could Cost Businesses as Much as $36 Billion -- Analysis of Proposed Privacy Regulation Suggests Businesses World Incur Substantial Compliance Costs. CNET News, Wired News

  • New Study Repeats Anti-Privacy-Legislation Mantra -- Privacy laws are bad for Americans' wallets and data protection is better left in the hands of private industry rather than Congress, according to a report released today by Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)


  • Read some recent research and analysis on the economic impact of data flows on consumers. [Posted Mar 3, 2001]

    Industry Comments on NAAG Draft Privacy Principles Show Industry Concern: Click Here for Various Comments on NAAG Principles 

    Online Privacy Alliance Urges Consumers to Look For Privacy Policies When Shopping Online This Holiday Season OPA will also be distributing a video to television stations nationwide to remind consumers to look for and read privacy policies.

    Online Privacy Alliance Applauds Initiative by Internet Network Advertising Companies to Protect Consumer Privacy
    OPA tells officials at the Federal Trade Commission/Commerce Department Workshop that Industry is buidling an effective system of privacy self-regulation. [Posted 11.09.1999]

    Online Privacy Alliance Statement on the Release of the Federal Trade Commission's Final Rules on the Children's Online Privacy Protections Act
    In a statement released yesterday, the OPA commended the FTC for its work in drafting rules for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

    Online Privacy Alliance Urges Web Businesses to Verify Privacy Policies Meet Industry Guidelines
    Industry urges popular sites to post privacy policies or ensure their existing policies are posted prominently. Surveys show Industry's efforts are paying off for consumers and business alike. [Posted 07.13.1999]

    Online Privacy Alliance Applauds Recent Industry Efforts to Enhance Consumer Privacy Online
    Disney and GO Network are latest companies to link advertising activities to Privacy Practices of Web Businesses. [Posted 06.29.1999]

    Online Privacy Alliance Says Web Sweeps Confirm Significant Progress in Privacy Self-Regulation
    The Online Privacy Alliance said today's release of the Georgetown Internet Privacy Policy Survey confirms that significant progress has been made in safeguarding privacy in cyberspace. Of the 364 websites surveyed, 65.7% had posted at least one type of privacy disclosure. [Posted 05.12.1999]

    Rules and Tools for Protecting Personal Privacy Online
    Online privacy gives you the power to control the release of personal and financial information over the Internet. Although there are new developments every day to help you protect your privacy, right now there are many things you can do to protect the personally identifiable information that is gathered about you when you surf and shop online. [Posted 05.11.1999]

    Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Internet Privacy Hearing. OPA Member Companies Testify
    On April 21, the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), held a hearing to consider Internet Privacy issues. Sen Hatch invited the business community to participate in a commission that he would like to set up to study issues related to privacy and technology. Testimony and additional information about the hearing are available here. [Posted 04.22.1999]

    Online Privacy Alliance encourages businesses to post privacy policies
    The Online Privacy Alliance today encouraged companies engaged in e-commerce to post a privacy policy and advised companies that a new web sweep would be conducted in March with the results reported to the Federal Trade Commission. [posted 02.02.1999]


    Online Privacy Alliance comments on the "safe harbor" draft
    The Online Privacy Alliance's comments to the Department of Commerce regarding the proposal to create a "safe harbor" within which US businesses could enjoy a presumption of "adequacy" under the European Union's Directive on Data Protection. [posted 12.03.1998]

    Online Privacy Alliance Calls on Businesses at Internet World to Post Privacy Policies on Web Sites
    The Online Privacy Alliance called on companies attending Internet World to post privacy policies on their web sites and unveiled a new set of online resources to help online businesses learn more about privacy policies. The Alliance also praised the efforts of portal companies to educate consumers on how to safeguard their privacy online. [posted 10.07.1998]


    Online Privacy Alliance Releases Paper Describing Effective Enforcement of Self Regulation
    On July 21, 1998 the Online Privacy Alliance released a framework for enforcing the protection of consumer privacy in cyberspace. Among other things, the enforcement policy calls for objective third parties to monitor and evaluate a web site's compliance with clear policies for protecting privacy and to provide consumer complaint mechanisms if a violation is found. [posted 07.21.1998]


    Online Privacy Alliance Announces Enforcement Policy to Ensure Privacy Protections In Cyberspace
    On Tuesday July 21, The Online Privacy Alliance will hold a telephone conference call to brief reporters on the enforcement policy developed bythe Online Privacy Alliance, a broad cross-industry alliance of more than 50 global companies and associations committed to promoting privacy online. Details here [posted 07.20.1998]

    Audio cybercast of Online Privacy Alliance presentation at the Privacy Summit
    The Department of Commerce hosted a public meeting on Internet Privacy June 23-24, 1998 in Washington, D.C. On the morning of June 24th, Christine Varney presented the results of the Online Privacy Alliance's efforts to date and fielded questions from several well-respected privacy advocates about the Online Privacy Alliance's results to date. Note that you will need to install the free Real Networks RealPlayer product to hear the audio.  [posted 06.25.1998]

    Online Privacy Alliance Launched: Cross-Industry Coalition of American Companies and Associations Announces Common Commitment, New Privacy Initiatives
    Nearly 50 American companies and associations today announced creation of the Online Privacy Alliance, an influential cross-industry coalition committed to protecting the privacy of individuals in cyberspace. Members of the Alliance, representing a broad array of industrial sectors -- including high-technology, telecommunications, financial services, Internet and online service providers, database services, retail, entertainment, marketing and publishing -- announced a series of agreements and initiatives that respond to concerns about privacy online. [posted 06.22.98]

    On June 22, 1998, the Online Privacy Alliance released:

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